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'Bathinda Half Marathon' event is an initiative by 'Bathinda Runners' to promote health activities for the betterment of our daily life. When we think of Health and fitness, most of us cant go for that because of our daily busy schedules or our unnecessary activities where we spend a lot of time just doing nothing. We are surrounded by hundreds of diseases born out of our daily life style like cancer, heart problems, bone problems and many more. And we only depend on medicines for treatments.

Exercise is a best cure to all these problems with proper diet planning. Our focus is to create awareness among all, kid to old age, for health related activities, so that we can live a healthy life. So Everybody come and RUN together on this great occasion to create an awareness among Bathindians & whole Punjab.

Marathon Schedule & Timing

Bathinda Half Marathon 19th March 2023

"the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow"

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